Seeing as the pub is open all day every day it would be a shame if the kitchen wasn’t too– so it is and offers everything from homemade bar snacks to an evening feast and all points in between. So whether you’re popping by for Lunch or rounding out the night with us we’ve got you covered.

No pre-made rubbish here either, all of our food is prepared fresh in our kitchen by Head Chef Richard and his talented team using only the best ethically-sourced ingredients and we’re so proud of them we make sure that you can see them at work in our open kitchen.

Keg, cask, craft or draught – you'll not find us napping on beer duty at The The Guard House: we've got a cracking range featuring locally brewed favourites, proper English ales and continental classics.

The wine list is none too shabby either and we make a mean Bloody Mary for those lazy Sundays too.